I just love how names come into fashion, and then just as quickly go out of fashion. I remember at primary school one year, having three Leslies in my class.  Two girls and a boy ! I bet the odds of three Leslies in a class of 5 year olds these days is not very high. It is really interesting to see that  names  that in my childhood would have been considered old fashioned, such as Olive, Iris, Arthur and Stanley (to name a few), are now the height of fashion ! I even named my cat Dorothy ! Mind you its hard to imagine the likes of Mildred or Egbert making it back unless William and Kate use it on their next baby. Each new year I like to read the list from Internal Affairs on the most popular names of the year. They also release a list of some of the ones they have rejected. This is much more fun. In this New Year’s list there were the usual rejections like R2D2 and Hitler, but my favourite was ‘ Evening Officer. Wouldn’t you just love to hear the story behind that one……..

Eunuch bulls

Our house neighbours farm land. Frequently there are a small number of eunuch bulls (steers) grazing on it. I try to listen to see if they “moo” in a much higher key. So far I have not detected a treble note, but I will keep listening.  I recently suggested to a friend who is a vet, that this might be an excellent piece of research for his PhD. He did not agree.

Whale Snot

Every time I wander along a beach I find myself looking out for whale snot (ambergris). I have no idea what it looks like, but that doesn’t stop me searching. I am guessing it is large amounts of a gelatinous substance, that ranges in colour from clear, to yellow and even green depending on the state of the whale’s sinus passages. At about $60,000 US paid per kilo, I am going to keep looking. I wonder how you make whale’s sneeze ? I wonder if they ever get hayfever……..?

Gang members and spectacles

Have you ever noticed that you don’t see gang members with glasses (spectacles)? Do you think part of the initiation into a gang involves a vision test? Somehow I cannot believe that the general level of hygiene and self care allows for the wide spread use of contact lenses within gangs. Does that mean there a lot of gang members out there involved in nefarious activities not being able to actually see what they are doing? Seems to me this would be a great starting point  for any defence lawyer